Dana Houston Jackson

The Change Coach Specialist

Organizational and People-Change Management, Coaching and Advisory Services

Get it used - not just designed or built.

Change Coaching and Advisory Services focused on the Energy Sector

Get it used, not use built or designed.

Innovation Ideas create no value unless used.

Business value is achieved by what gets used, not just designed or built. The disciplines of Change Leadership and Change Management exist to create systems of co-created results, not just activity.

People can be taught, encouraged, and coached to be more creative in solving daily operations, resulting in more results and less wasted action.

I work one-on-one with individuals and small teams to coach mindsets resulting in the desired behavior and to consult or advise on change strategy, plans, and metrics that streamline effort and focus on results.

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A group of people sitting at a table with papers.


Offering change expertise, experience, and direction to make change easier, faster, and less expensive.

A man and woman sitting at a table with papers.


One-on-One and Teams - helping them examine their own mindset and thus, adjust their own behavior.

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Change Team Builder

From scratch or with an existing change team, create highly competent and flexible Change Teams who get it done.

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Conferences, Events, Podcaster, Webinars -- all things Change related

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Tailored Workshops to build skills around all things Human-Change

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Wide Change Planner and Executor

Reach out to your Change Coach

Organizations, by their very nature, are designed to promote order and routine; they are inhospitable environments for innovation. Those who don’t understand organizational realities are doomed to see their ideas go unrealized. You may have invested a top dollar in your change work to only see a partial return. Reach out to me to help get the change made so it sticks.